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Microsoft Exchange E-mail Archiving

Microsoft Exchange Server has become the messaging and collaboration system of choice for countless organizations. Critical business is regularly conducted via MS Exchange, resulting in an increase in the amount of data that must be stored and searchable for years.


Archiving for Exchange provides an easy to use corporate email archiving solution, enabling you to store all internal and external e-mail in one or multiple SQL databases, heavily reducing reliance on PST files. Authorized users are provided with easy, centralized access to past emails via a web-based search interface and the ability to quickly restore emails. Archiving for Exchange leverages the journaling feature of Exchange Server 2000/2003 to provide unparalleled scalability and reliability at a competitive cost.


Archiving Exchange messages will aid you in complying with regulatory requirements including SOX, HIPPA and SEC.

    Key Benefits:
  • No changes required to your existing Exchange mail system
  • Reduce administration by storing mail in SQL Server database
  • Significantly reduces storage by compressing email messages and attachments
  • Improve Exchange server performance by storing
    e-mail off of the main server
  • Ability to centralize e-mail storage from remote facilities
  • Eases enforcement of company e-mail policies
  • Optional support for multiple databases
  • Optional compatibility with IMAP compliant e-mail systems in addition to Exchange
  • Helps companies comply with regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA and SEC
  • User access to e-mail from any location through a browser
  • Self Service interface with easy restore of
    archived e-mail