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Remote Storage, Backup Recovery

Imagine having your critical data backed up and stored in a secure facility without touching your server. Burhan Technology provides the capability to have your data remotely stored in our secure facility.


An easy-to-use interface assists in determining which files and directories should be backed up, and when. Using advanced software, data is compressed, encrypted and transferred automatically to our protected location. And this up-to-date information is kept secure and always available online for retrieval and restoration.


Organizations with Microsoft®, Linux and UNIX® environments will benefit from:

  • Simplified backup logistics reduce errors
  • Enhanced data integrity
  • Quicker recovery of lost or corrupted information
  • Reduced need for disk storage and lower costs
  • Keep backup costs reasonable and predictable
  • Provide round-the-clock backups without on-site staff
  • Help you meet internal controls and regulatory requirements
  • Offer physical, off-site protection of backup media

Prices are based on the amount of data being stored.